Our hope is to be a place where you can discover and deepen your relationship with Jesus. 
We seek to be a community who loves one another well because Jesus has loved us well. 
Join us as we go wide to serve our city


The only direction the Lord leads us is forward.
By His grace He leads us onward through life, often using circumstances to shape our character and service of others.
Likewise, He leads us upward toward a greater understanding of His plan and purpose.

Nowhere is this truth more evident than in the life of Joseph.
Join us as we walk through the story of his life in the book of Genesis and
discover how God leads us Onward & Upward as we experience both the wild and wonder of grace.


With over 40 years of faithful service to the city of Tampa, Revs. Fitz and Kathy Conner passionately lead First Pres Tampa into real relationships and real transformation with others through discipleship, biblical application, and spiritual growth. In their free time Fitz and Kathy enjoy golfing, walking their dog, Tally, and spending time with their three grandchildren.