connect with first pres

We believe connecting with one another and with God is a vital part of being a follower of Jesus. We invite you to connect in the following ways found below.


The first way we can connect if you are new is through the "Online Connect Card" which you can fill out by clicking HERE. Kindly fill out this brief form so that we can reach back out to you soon!


We would love to care for you by praying for you. Anyone at anytime can fill out the "Prayer Card" which you can find by clicking HERE.


We want you to be part of the life-changing experience of Life Groups! In Life Groups we study God’s word together and discuss the issues and challenges of life.  We pray and care for one another. We serve together in meaningful ways. Acquaintances grow into deep friendships.Life Groups. Find the right Life Group for you by clicking HERE.


At First Pres, we believe we aren't Jesus consumers, we are Jesus contributors, investors, stake holders. We are called to be disciples who make disciples. We can do this by loving and serving others. Find ways to serve by clicking HERE.