fp 2.0 Reveal sunday presentation

Below is the presentation given by our Pastor, Fitz Conner and First Pres Chief Financial Officer, Tony Harroun about the cost of everything seen in the fly through video (click here to view video) and how we plan to pay for it, our timeline and all the people who help make it happen.  Make sure to scroll down to see all FOUR slides.

If you haven't already joined our Forward in Faith campagian and would like to do so, CLICK HERE for more information and to make a pledge.


As you are no doubt aware, COVID decimated the supply chain in many areas, but specifically in construction.  And, as we all remember from economics-when supplies become scarce-prices go up.  In our case, prices have risen approximately 69%.


However, we have a solid plan to finance our new buildings.

  • The building we are in and all the property-we own free and clear-no debt.
  • Because of your generosity, we received (and are continuing to raise with new gifts) a record amount of money in the Forward in Faith Campaign-60% of which has already been given.
  • We have money saved.
  • Because of the cost and to smooth out the timing of receipts of those pledges, we have obtained a loan at VERY favorable rates.   

There are some reports that the supply chains are improving and costs are beginning to come down.  We want to assure you that we, along with our builder, are aggressively pursuing savings wherever we can find them.

Finally…No one likes debt- so we will have another campaign, in a few years, to retire the loan.


Our plans are to be submitted to the City this week and approval can take up to 60 calendar days. 

Once approved we will schedule a ground breaking ceremony for everyone, including our children to participate in.

Once construction begins it is anticipated to take 10-12 months to completion.

those who helped make it happen

We have many, many, many gifted, talented, and smart people who are or have been successfull in their own careers and businesses, lending their talents and expertise to this building project. We are extremely grateful to these individuals (and the ones Fitz forgot) for their generosity and leadership.  

The most important thing to know about these people is that they are all Jesus followers and that they pray! How awesome is that!

If you haven't already joined our Forward in Faith campagian and would like to do so, CLICK HERE for more information and to make a pledge.