fly through video of First Pres New Bulding

Below is a "fly through" video of the exterior and interior of our new First Pres church building.  

The video begins at the northeast corner of our property (corner of Lincoln St. and Horatio St.) and heads west across the front of the building that faces Horatio St. then flies over the Children's Ministry building (the space we are using now for worship on Sundays) and continues to the back of the building and then turns the southeast corner to show the East end of the building (which is the back of the sanctuary).  

Things to note in the exterior fly around:

  • The tower is a light tower, not a bell tower.
  • In the green area to the west of the building next to the parking lot and adjacent to the Children's Ministry building, will be a fenced in playground for children. We envision the playground to be for community use as well as on Sundays and church events.
  • In the back of the building, there will be a covered entrance with access to the church offices and to the main gathering area.  Handicap parking spaces will be located at this entrance as well. 
  • On the East side of the building (along Lincoln St.), we will have a Memorial Garden area where plaques with the names of loved ones can be displayed in an attractive garden setting of remembrance.

The video then continues through the front door entry facing Horatio St.

Things to note in the interior fly through:

  • Upon entering, you will notice this is a two story space with a high ceiling and an open second floor area that looks down on the first floor.
  • The first floor main gathering space where we will have couches comfy chairs groupings for people to sit and enjoy fellowship together. The large back wall area will be the location of our coffee and bagel hospitality on Sundays (not the curved bar area shown in the video). This lower level can also be used for events such as a banquet, receptions or large meetings. 
  • The first floor space we are currently using for worship will then all become the Children's Ministry area. The Children's Ministry entrance will be accessible to the right as you enter into the main gathering space (to the left of the curved bar show in the video).
  • The hallway to the left of the gathering area back wall leads to the sanctuary entrance and to the church offices and elevator to the second floor.
  • The second floor will also have an open concept gathering space along with rooms for Life Groups, Student Ministry, meetings and a conference room.

The video then continues into the sanctuary.

Things to note in the sanctuary interior:

  • We are using chairs, not pews for seating in the sanctuary. This is intentional to serve our mission and make this space a multi-purpose room for community events such as a conference, fundraising event, or large celebration as well as for worship.
  • The room has exposure to natural sunlight through the windows, but will have the capabilities to use our visual technology as well.
  • The ceiling will be architecturally pleasing with a mix of hanging light fixtures and can lights as well as light wall sconces (the can lights were used in the video to help you see the 3D depth of the ceiling)
  • The sanctuary will not be all white.

The video passes by the production booth on the way out of the sanctuary from the other set of doors. You then enter the hallway where to the left would be the way to go to the church offices and the back entrance into the building. The video finishes back into the main entrance gathering area with a view of the second floor gathering space.