Staying up to speed on fp 2.0

First Pres Members and Friends,

The closing of the sale of our property has been extended to March 31, 2021. We (First Pres), the family which owns the other half of our block, and the buyer have agreed to the terms of this extension.

We have also extended the closing date of our purchase of the Horatio property to coincide with the sale of our Zack St. property.


As a reminder, we met on Wednesday, July 8th and voted overwhelmingly to purchase the property at 3302 W Horatio Street. I interpret the decision as another sign from God that He continues to lead us. We will continue to trust each other and God as we take our next steps.


As a vital next step, many of you are eager to give input into the design of the renovations and new construction. We welcome your contributions and feedback. As the gifted leader Mary Jo Pennino reminded us last night, we are at the beginning of the design process. Please contact her via email if you have ideas!


Several of you have excellent questions about the budget for the purchase, renovation and new construction. I invite you to contact any member of the Session or the Steering Committee, whose emails I list below. If the person you contact does not have the answer to your question, she or he will refer you to the team member who can respond. Repeating what was said last night – between the proceeds from the sale of 412 E Zack Street and a data driven estimate of the proceeds from a congregational fund-raising campaign, we are confident that we can buy, renovate existing space and build new square footage within a balanced budget. The spiritual and business wisdom on our teams will continue to lead us prayerfully and in trust of God and each other.


In the earliest days of the Christian movement, the senior leaders of the church, including the great leaders Paul and Peter, called an important meeting in Jerusalem. Vital issues needed their attention and a decision. In Acts 15:28 we read the following as a comment on the way these Jesus-followers trusted God and each other, “For it seemed good to the Holy Spirit and to us…”  We find ourselves in a similar posture. It seems good to us and to God the Holy Spirit that we continue on this path!


Please reach out, ask questions, offer insights.


Pray every day at 7:07 a.m. or 7:07 p.m. or both!


Privileged to be on mission with you,


Fitz Conner, Pastor

Kathy Conner, Pastor


Session Members

Tom Berry         

Monica Canale       

Brooks Cunningham

Elizabeth Fueyo 

Sally Hill            

Tyler Hill            

David Maddux   

Danielle Mackie

McLean Murphy

Roger Pearce    

Baxter Smith         

Burton Tuttle    



Steering Committee Members:

Kristen Conner  

David Dunkel     

Elizabeth Fueyo 

Ron Floto           

Tony Harroun    

Danielle Mackie

Mary Jo Pennino

Martin Polo       

Phillip Smith