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Join the Dream Team and discover the joy of helping people experience the love of Jesus!  

Every Sunday First Pres Dream Team members help create a relational environment so that every adult and child who comes to worship experiences the warmth and hospitality of Jesus!  From helping guests find a parking spot to greeting and welcoming it takes about 75 Dream Team members to make Sunday mornings happen!  

Scroll down to check out our team postions and click the button below to join the team! A Dream Team leader will contact you.

Join the Dream Team

parking guides

First Pres radical hospitality begins in our parking lots! Parking guides are the first Dream Team members worship attendees encounter on Sunday mornings!  A Parking Guide's smile and friendly assistance is what begins the worship experience at First Pres.  

1. Direct cars to available parking spaces in our on and off campus parking lots, 

2. Greeting people as they exit their cars, and providing a helping hand and direction to those who may need assistance.


Greeters are stationed at various places around campus to welcome those new and regular attendees to First Pres!

1. Greeters will be assigned to welcome people at our door entrances and other designated areas on campus.
2. Greeters assist with directions to Sanctuary, Children's Check-in, restrooms and other places in our building.
3. Greeters are asked to stay at their post until 10 minutes into worship


Ushers are posted at the doors to our sanctuary and provide friendly direction and assistance to those as they enter for worship.


1. Asist people with finding available seats in the sanctuary for worship.
2. Ushers are to stay at their post during the entire service to be ready to assist late comers or those in need.
3. Communion Sunday: Usher assist in releasing rows to take communion.