free roundtrip uber

To find out about our parking options, please visit the parking page.

Since Christmas Eve falls on a weekday and downtown parking can be challenging; we will PAY FOR A ROUNDTRIP RIDE WITH UBER. 

Here are the instructions for accessing the voucher.

1. If you do not already have the UBER app on your phone, download the app and create an account.

2. All Christmas Eve registrants will be able to access the UBER voucher. Click here. To register for the Christmas Eve service click here.

3. Once you click on the link you will be asked to sign into your UBER account so you can claim the voucher. 

4. You will then see a message that states: "You've been sent a voucher."

5. Click the "Accept Voucher" button.

6. From there, UBER will provide instructions on how to use the voucher for Christmas Eve. You will be provided a voucher for both the trip to church as well as back home. You're all set!


* Masks are required during UBER rides.

* First Pres will pay up to $50/each way (most rides from South Tampa will only be $20).

* The church address is 412 E. Zack St. 33602.

* Questions? Email Tony.